Mission to help children & young adults with mental health issues in Sheffield

Smile Sheffield

Our vision is to help local children and young adults (4-19) with learning to love yourself, encouraging self belief and confidence, gratitude and appreciation of others, feelings and emotions and how to address them, calming techniques, problem solving and goals and aspirations; each with hidden messages talking the areas the children wanted to address. With mental health issues on the rise and many adults saying and doing what most of us do, becoming swallowed by life itself! I want to help our young people learn these techniques at a young age!

Pressures are placed upon children from a very young age and by engaging with our young people and relating to them, whole lives are being transformed by teaching things like resilience skills, preparing them in confidence to have the best possible start in life. This is all done in a very fun way as smile is centred around having fun!

We are hoping to have workshops, after school clubs, holiday camps and to be going into schools near you very soon!

SMILE is a project which has potential to make a difference to so many young people! Take a look at the page below for more information